What I've done thus far!

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While many Communication students strive and excell on web design and digital aesthetics, I tend to focus my studies toward the writing side of Comm, explaining my minor in Journalism. Also, although I am still learning and may not be as skilled as others yet, I am extremely interested in creating digital videos. The following videos I have collaborated in through camera set up, concept brainstorming, shooting, and editing. The first video was part of social media awareness campaign about Mental Illness on campus. After that, includes a short three part mini documentary series created in our Web Series course this Spring. Enjoy!

SJU Student shares his story about dealing with social anxiety in college. Part of #StartTalkingSJU social media campaign.

First episode of our "S.J.You." Web Series, follows a college student who deals with visual impairment.

Second episode of our "S.J.You." Web Series, follows a college R.A. and Fraternity President

Third and final episode of our "S.J.You." Web Series, details a student's journey to SJU, and struggles with bullying.