My Final Reflections

Emotional Design Techniques

We've learned in this course that websites, specifically personal ones, are meant to evoke an emotional stimulus from the viewer. A website should have characteristics that ensure the viewer there is a real person behind it, and that person should convey their personality as much as possible. For my site, however, I didn't try to showcase my personality too much, staying away from my sense of humor, because I want my site to be a bridge between me and potential employeers. That said, I think I did express myself through my passions and previous work and experiences that I have done thus far, which I described in my About, Resume, and Portfolio Pages. Most importantly, my site is easily usable, even to those who aren't as tech savvy.

My Progress

I have heard in the past that Web Design is the hardest course for Communications Majors. With that said, I was certainly worried about taking it, and possibly put it off until my junior year. I feel that I have strived in Comm courses that have at first seemed difficult or unfamiliar to me, but I would admit that this one was definitely the hardest to tackle.

Learning code in one semester is no easy task. We weren't expected to be expert web designers in the span of a few months, especially as we have four other classes to think about. That said, I had three main goals when I started my website, and I believed that I have accomplished them. The three goals for my website were Functionality, Professional Aesthetic, and User Friendly My site is surely not the most pleasing to look at, nor does it have many applications that enhance it's look or feel. That said, it works, and it works simply, easily, and effeciently. My goal was to use this site designed for possible employeers, so from the begininning I knew it wouldn't be too flashy or too "artsy." I began this class barely knowing how to make a header or seperate paragraphs from eachother, and now I know more about HTML and CSS code than I ever thought that I could. I am no expert, and I certainly depended upon help from Bill and other classmates, but I am proud that I was able to submit a site with true purpose and legitimacy.